The Scanner is used to measure and record both opened and sealed spirit alcohol bottles, sealed beer, bottled or canned fizzy drinks and all other items sold as units. The stock taking process entails simply scanning the bottle or can barcode. The scanned information, once recorded, is locally stored and securely uploaded onto our cloud-based platform.

DigiLink Inventory Scanner.

  • Features

    • High Speed built-in Laser Barcode Scanner
    • Wifi GPRS Communication and Bluetooth connectivity
    • Touch Screen Coloured LCD Screen
    • Numeric Key Pad
    • + 8 Hours Battery Life
    • Secure log in options – Individual conducting stock take would have to supply their log in information
    • Hand Held IP 54 rating scanner 148mm Height 67 MM width weigh 280 grams
    • Automatically updates stock take data via the cloud into the POS


  • Includes

    • Hand-held Mobile Terminal
    • Spirit Alcohol Load Sensor
    • 300kg Food, Beer & Syrup Load Sensor
    • Cloud-based software. Connects through WiFi, Bluetooth and 3G
    • Excel Reports
    • Barcode Printe
    • Option to integrate Point of Sale.
  • Benefits

    • Drastically reduces human error
    • Reduces the time it takes to accurately complete stock-take
    • Standardised stock-taking process across the enterprise
    • Uses Bluetooth, WiFi and 3G networks to connect to the cloud
    • Accuracy and speed in stock-take process
    • Better inventory control
    • Minimises waste
    • Increased profit
  • Additional Integrational Options

    • 15kg Scale
      • Weight - 1kg
      • Dimension - L 155mm x W 155mm x H 45mm
    • 300kg Scale
      • Weight - 12.4kg
      • Dimension - L 155mm x W 405mm x H 102mm
    • Fizzy Drink Scale
      • Weight - 11.2kg
      • Dimension - L 500mm x W 155mm x H 240mm
    • Keg Scale
      • Weight - 19.8kg
      • Dimesion - (Octagon 190mm per side) x H 120mm
    • Scanner integrates with:
      • GAAP
      • Legend POS
      • DigiBiz POS

Inventory Optimisation.

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